Rapper/Producer and self-proclaimed “daddy” to Lil Wayne, Birdman made an appearance on the popular Hip Hop and R&B radio show 105.1 The Breakfast Club this morning and things got heated.


In what has to be the shortest interview in history, the ‘Stuntin’ Like My Daddy’ rapper can be seen cursing at all three radio co-hosts (DJ Envy, Charlamagne The God, and Angela Yee) and demanding “respeck” all before even sitting down to answer questions. In the clip Birdman even goes out of his way to confront the show’s most controversial host, Charlamagne, saying “I’m pulling up on you, nigga” and things only got worse from there.


Take a look at the FULL clip below:



oooo..He is mad at them!


In an audio clip the three “tree” hosts took it upon themselves to breakdown what really went on leading up the the interview behind the scenes in an effort to shed light on the extremely awkward and emotional confrontation.



The Breakfast Club is known to poke fun at celebrities every now and then in a very brash way which has rubbed many artists the wrong way in the past, including big names like Lil Mama, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. Just last month R&B singer and reality star, K.Michelle appeared on the radio show and aired her grievances with host Angela Yee. However this has to be the most hostile we’ve ever seen someone get while on air.



What are your thoughts on the interview? Do you think he overreacted?

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Written by Mack

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