The more we see of Desiigner‘s live performances, is the more we learn to expect the Brooklyn born rapper is sure to be hyped on that stage.


Desiigner was joined by his hype man with Panda head and all to further fuel the performance, which of course included jumping and dabbing all over the stage. Hey, what’s a performance of ‘Panda‘ without those energetic dabs? The two entertained the audience of The Wendy Williams Show.


The 18-year-old G.O.O.D Music rapper also spoke with the show’s host to speak on his new found fame and success and plans for the future, and Kanye West who made a cameo in the ‘Panda‘ video.

Speaking on advice offered to him from Ye’, he replied saying ,”we aren’t just rappers. We’re just artists, coming in from every creative angle that you could.”


The part that brought the ‘LOL’s’ for us was Williams asking if he was single, and the response… “I got a lot of broads.” Ha!



Check out the performance below:





Did Desiigner Have You Dabbing?



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