Empire is BACK!


Yes, it has been months since the FOX series wrapped its second season and we have been itching for our weekly fix of family drama, backstabbing, and random musical numbers.


Well the wait is almost over, the trailer for season 3 of Empire has just been released and lets just say we’re all a big serving of more Cookie!


Check out the clip after the jump:



YAAAAS!! We can hardly wait for this NEW season.


Between the nail-biting cliff hanger of last season, the backstory of  Luscious and Cookie as teenagers (Jeremy Carver and Ajiona Alexus) and the introduction of Tariq (Morocco Omari), Luscious’ estranged half-brother determined to bring down the patriarch of the Lyon family, this will definitely be JUICY!!



Season 3 of Empire premieres Sept. 21st at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

Team mates, will you be watching?





Written by Mack

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