Come on Fantasia Fanslaysia!


Right on the heels of American Idol’s series finale, the show’s former season 3 winner, Fantasia Barrino has released an acoustic version of her latest hit ‘No Time For It’ and it is amazing!


As she prepares for her upcoming tour with fellow R&B superstar Anthony Hamilton, Fantasia releases the black & white clip, and sets the tone for the duo’s joint slayage. With only a guitar, microphone, and a leather outfit, Barrino serves pure vocals and soul.


Check out her performance below:




Now THIS!! We have all the time in the world for this!


While Barrino has yet to achieve the same commercial success or accolades as a Rihanna or a Beyonce, she definitely stands as one of the most talented singers sangers in music today. When Fantasia sings she has a special way of touching our hearts that just has us like




What are your thoughts on her performance?

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Written by Mack

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