It has been 4 days since the world stopped to take a sip of Beyoncé’s Lemonade and we are still reeling from the widely talked about visual album.


From talks of “Beckys” to “Hotsauce“, Lemonade has caused quite a stir but the latest stunt inspired by the HBO special has to be the most hilarious.


Late Night talk show host, James Corden, known for his viral Carpool Karaoke segments, took it upon himself to create his own parody of Mrs. Carter’s newly released project titled Lemonjames. In the clip he compares Beyoncé’s personal journey of self-knowledge and healing to his own struggle of writing an opening monologue for his show.


Corden channels his inner poetic justice and recites various jokes in spoken word form. The comedian can even be seen dawning the ‘Sandcastles’ singers iconic cornrows and wardrobe looks from the visual album.


Check out the funny man in action after the jump:




YASSS!!! “Better call Jimmy [Fallon] with the Good Hair”


As much controversy this visual album has caused with its raw depiction of infidelity/social injustice and political undertones it’s great to see someone’s light-hearted take on it. This Lemonade Lemonjames is refreshing!



What are your thoughts on Lemonjames? Let us know in the comments below!





Written by Mack

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