It’s just another day in the shady world of the Diva that is Mariah Carey.


Firstly arriving late for her appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happen’s Live, the 46-year-old mother of two caused the shows host Andy Cohen to stall whilst awaiting her arrival – is there a bigger diva moment? Well actually yes, Mariah even insisted on sitting in the hosts chair in order to catch her good side.


It has made swirls around the internet of Mariah refusing to comment on J-Lo as she claims to not know her, which the Latina dancer/actress Jennifer Lopez commented on Mariah possibly being ‘forgetful’.

Well, the ‘Fantasy‘ singer took the opportunity to set the record straight…





Was that shade or truth?


We all know from their stint on American Idol that Nicki Minaj and Mariah can not stand each other, and going by the following it’s safe to say that has not and will not change anytime soon.


In a game of ‘Plead the Fifth’ and asked to say three nice things about her former co-worker – who also featured on the singers 2009’s ‘Up Out My Face‘- Mariah was stumped to find one let alone three nice things.







Your Thoughts?



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