Yesterday Rihanna invited us to “discover room 7” when she tweeted the latest clip taken from her ANTI diaRy series. As the short video comes to an end we see Riri place a crown on her head as the lights go out.

The Diamonds singer has been promoting her upcoming album Anti with short video clips and an innovative mobile experience in partnership with Samsung over at We can’t wait to see the next clip but what we really want to know is where this album’s at! Last month singer/songwriter Sia told BBC Radio 2 that she met Rihanna who was still looking for songs to include on her eighth studio album, which reveals that it might not even be a completed record at the moment. The Anti World Tour kicks off in San Diego on 26 February, so we’re hoping it’s out soon.


While you’re waiting for the album watch the full video revealing Room 7 (Office) and catch up on previous instalments below:


Do you think this is marketing gold or are you over the ANTI diaRy shenanigans? Sound off in the comments section below! 


Written by: Jafar

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