There we were thinking that British culture only stayed on home soil, then we discover that the term ‘WAGs’, meaning wives and girlfriends of sports players has gone international! The term first coined by British media outlets nearly a decade ago, is now the name of a new E! reality show.


Yay for the Brits! But no seriously, it really does seem like every year we are bombarded with a reality series, old and new. The success of the shows doesn’t seem to be going away and we can only guess, neither will the creation of them….why are we not bored yet? The answer to that is, because we just love some damn mess that’s why, and positive reality shows are far and few between.


Finally here is a reality series with the term ‘wives’ in the title, and that’s just what they are. Oh no wait…and girlfriends….at least they cleared that up from the jump. No shade, but shade!


So as we have given you the origin and definition of a WAG we are sure you get what this will be about, wives of sportsmen, they are RICH and we’re guessing we will be watching them be rich. Of course this isn’t all we’ll see of the women, we shall them deal with being the wife of a sportsman and their home life.


WAG’s premieres August 18th 2015 on E! stateside. Check out the season trailer below:




Will You Be Watching?



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