It’s the second episode and begins as we see Todrick Hall in his bedroom packing to go home to visit his family Plainview, Texas. While he is there he makes plans to shoot a special video for his song ‘Haterz‘.


He expresses how this shoot means a lot to him because it’s dedicated to all the people who have been supporting him since the very beginning of his career… Also, a message to empower others to think outside the box, be confident and care less about what the others may think of them. Hall wanted something innovative that shared this message and choreographs movement for others to get and dance.


Todrick brings his creative troupe “Team Toddy,” from LA to his hometown. They met Todrick’s mom, his number one cheerleader & his younger brother, Shay. He wants them both in his new video project, but not just them, he has also asked some of his old Texas classmate, cheerleaders and of course his fans to join him! After teaching them all the choreography, they shoot the video in the star’s high-school and have a great time doing so.


Watch ‘Haterz’ music video, below:



During this episode, Todrick and young brother Shay have an emotional chat. They discuss Toddy’s sexuality as he ‘comes out’, but Shay already knew it because his mother told him about it, the two embrace this bonding moment as they finally clear the air.


The episode ends with the usual premiere party in Todrick’s LA home. The dress theme this time was “Nerd”, they all dressed up from chic to geek! His Texas family couldn’t attend the party so they joined the shenanigans via video call, with his family appearing very pleased and proud of his accomplishment.


Get into the second episode, below:



See you next week for the 3rd instalment of Toddy madness & another new vid! We’ll give you a little clue… It’s about his first and true love!




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