Todrick takes MTV and break the law to let the freaks out!


YouTube star Todrick Hall now has his own docu-series Todrick, airing weekly on MTV. The episode named ‘Who Let The Freaks Out‘ dropped on August 31st and showed us the behind the scenes creative works to producing a music entertainment video, doing this in just few days and even makes time to celebrate/ create a side project of a surprise birthday.


The episode starts at Todrick’s house in Los Angeles, with the creative troupe Team Toddy; Chester, Carlie, Vonzell, Thurzday, Jenni and Nicole who discuss the concept of the new visual. The topic of “Let The Freaks Out” is a parody on celebrities who do crazy things to keep their name trending in the limelight with aims to “break the internet” and be on the tabloids – you know like what the Miley’s, Kim Kardashian’s and those Kanye/ Taylor Swift moments!


Check out our interview with Todrick Hall, here in London.


Todrick finds out that the day scheduled for filming is also the same day as his make-up artist Nicole’s birthday… and in the name of art – she cancels it! Todrick and his right hand man Chester visit a costume shop with aims to find clothing that represents each celebrity in the video shoot. While there Toddy comes up with the idea to make a surprise birthday video for MUA Lipstick Nick.


Chester heads home to prepare, while Todrick heads straight to the recording studio to see Jeeve and record a new song for Nicole’s birthday. Pushing the crazivity further Todrick decides he wants to incorporate his Toddlerz to the birthday video and asks Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child to make an appearance – and she accepts! Shooting the video in one night with 30 dancers, at Toddy’s creative factory home – his team pull everything together; paint, costumes, make-up, props and craziness! Presenting the birthday surprise to Nicole, she had no idea and was bought to tears.


todrick hall team curtains

Now the celebrations are over, let’s get back to work! The team meet at a theater to film the ‘Who Let The Freaks Out’ video, but they have to hurry because they only get 3 hours. Toddy has the blowing idea film to outside to make full effect of the choreography, so the team head outside, well that’s until they get into trouble with security for filming without a permit – all for the love of art. The episode concludes with a video premiere party, where they showcased the project to friends.


Check the fun-filled music video here:



Congrats to Todrick and his team as they finally get the attention they deserve. Be sure to watch the MTV series airing weekly on Monday nights, see the 1st episode, below:




Will you be tuning in for the second episode?




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