Yes, a trailer for the much talked about reality show staring the one and only Mariah Carey has just been released! Following in the footsteps of her former American Idol arch rival, Nicki Minaj, the ‘Vision of Love’ vixen has joined forces with the E! Network for an eight part docu-series aptly titled, Mariah’s World.


The legendary vocalist takes the cameras behind the scenes as she prepares for her Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour while also planning her wedding to Australian business tycoon, James Packer. In the clip you will see Carey reveling in all of her diva glory including private planes, champagne, and festive demands of grandeur.


Take a look at Mimi in action:



“I have a rule that states I will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses”


YASSSSSSS! We are so here for this show. We must admit we were a bit nervous when we first heard that Carey, a music legend, would be venturing off into the world of reality television. However, pairing with E! and marketing the series as less of a “show” and more of a special event was a genius move.


While we’re bound to see Mimi’s quirks of vanity and over the top behavior, we’re sure Mariah’s World will showcase an even deeper side to the superstar and hopefully spur more iconic one-liners that we’ll be quoting for years to come (i.e. “I don’t know her”)


All in all, this will be an absolute treat for the fans and lambs a like.



What do you think this story? Will you be watching Mariah’s World?

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Written by Mack

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