Welcome to Team Curtains!
After three months of hardwork, dedication and sleepless nights we are finally excited to launch the Team Curtains website. This is the start of an exciting journey. Now let’s address the name ‘Team Curtains.’ This name came to me with the idea that my team of contributors will serve you the lastest tea, tea is used as slang for gossip. We aim to show you each celebrity past the stage show Curtains. Team Curtains = Backstage Gossip.
Now the rules; first explore, then let us know what you think using the comment box profusely. Like and share the posts you love abundantly.


For a number of years I have always been interested in celebrity culture. I have always kept myself up-to-date with my favourite music artists through music blogs, interview video platforms, performances and television. Over the last three years I found myself bumping into some of my most admired celebrities; after concerts, on vacation and at music events – this was exciting for me! About a year ago I decided that taking just a picture or selfie for social media wasn’t fulfilling anymore and knew there was potential for a bigger opportunity, so prayed about it.
Last year, I was asked to interview an artist without any previous discussion, ‘how did that company know I wanted to do this!’ The opportunity led to another opportunity and before I knew it I found myself here in creative control of my own Entertainment Website: TeamCurtains.com – thank you for joining us as we launch.

Yes, this website is bare of information… But don’t worry, this is all part of the journey! Stay connected with us as we keep you informed with what’s hot vs. what’s not through our opinionated posts created by passionate contributing music enthusiasts.

Disclaimer: TEAmCurtains.com is a blog site with original post created by our team of opinionated music/ entertainment enthusiasts. Our posts are based on news that may have already been reported in the media. Although our main objective is to inform our readers on what’s new in popular culture, we are not journalists but bloggers, therefore sharing opinionated content.

This website has been created as an outlet for us to express our thoughts and create original online content with/ for our favourite artists. It may be found that we will not always appease to the interest of all. You may find partiality on the choice of content, as we will write posts on artists/ celebrities that we like or find interesting.


From Nathan & Team Curtains Staff
Founder/ Senior Editor


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