Are there any family values left among the Braxton sisters?


Singer and reality star Tamar Braxton slayed each performance in her stint on reality dance competition show Dancing with the Stars.
Unfortunately The Real talk show host was forced to quit the competition last week after she was hospitalized where it was discovered she blood clots in both sides of her lungs.


Whilst we were enjoying Tamar’s performances each week, what we didn’t know was the Braxton sisters – Towanda, Traci, Trina and Toni Braxton,  were at war yet again.


Since the start of reality TV show Braxton Family Values the show has been a breath of fresh air from other popular family reality television series.


Despite the family arguments and disagreements the sisters have always remained focus on resolving whatever issues they’re going through at the time, and manage to give us plenty of laughs along the way.


Although it seems they are facing new challenges every season, families feuding is apart of most family relationships, if not all.

It most definitely isn’t easy with a group of siblings and sisters at that, but it seems sibling rivalry between the women is still an ongoing problem.


According to Daily Mail, the Braxton sisters were not happy that their baby sis was to appear on the DWTS without their knowledge, instead they found out via day time television when the ‘Angel and Demons’ singer appeared on Good Morning America for the season 21 unveiling.






A family source told the Mail Online that this had further added to the sisters already strained relationship,



‘This is the reveal, I haven’t told them yet. I didn’t tell them but I guess they know now,’ she disclosed to co-host Lara Spencer. 


Despite Toni and Tamar once being extremely close, they’ve become the most strained in the last two years, because Toni feels Tamar has become ‘too competitive’ and ‘very cocky’ with her sisters in particular. 


Tamar has dismissed Toni’s feelings as jealousy, says’ the family insider. ‘Tamar kind of rubbed the success of her 2013 album ‘Love and War’ in Toni’s face. 

‘It happened during a time when Toni was so frustrated with the music business, she was talking about retiring. ‘Toni felt that Tamar lacked grace and success was making her a monster. 


‘It was a bad time for both of them personally,’ explained the source.

Because of their rift, Tamar didn’t want producers of her hit talk show The Real, that was just renewed for two more seasons, to book any of her sisters on the show.


Not only have Toni and Traci not been on to promote their respective music releases; Tamar also vetoed the idea of Towanda and Traci guest-hosting while Tamar was competing on Dancing with the Stars.
‘She told her producers, she’s not having them and to ‘find some other options,’ the source said.


‘Producers followed her wishes and they’ve booked Tamar’s husband Vincent Hubert, Tamera’s spouse Adam Housley, NeNe Leakes and Maksim Chmerkovskiy instead.’



This really comes as no surprise as we have seen similar arguments between the siblings in numerous BFV episodes.


It has also been aired in the show when Tamar has been unimpressed with her sister surprising her on stage which she took as the ladies trying to ruin her performance.

This later saw the sisters being asked to leave the premises, which of course she denies ever asking anyone from her team to remove her sisters from the building.


If Mrs Braxton-Herbert did in fact ask producers of her show not to book any of her sisters as stand-in co-hosts on her talk show, it does make it harder to believe that she wouldn’t have them removed from the building which her performance had taken place.


Is a big ego ruining the sisters relationship? Why wouldn’t the Braxton sisters be happy for their sister? Was Tamar intending on surprising her sisters with the reveal on GMA, or did she feel that she would instead deal with jealousy and hate from them?


So many questions, we can’t wait for the new season of Braxton Family Values, were all will be revealed then.

After the hospitalization of their youngest sister, we are sure all is good with the Braxton clan…well for now at least.


If not, it would have made promotion for their new Christmas album ‘Braxton Family Christmas’ real awkward, in fact a Christmas at the Braxton’s wouldn’t all seem so inviting.



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