What do vegans like Beyonce to really eat?


After Beyonce’s GMA announcement revealing her new vegan diet, a lot of people may be wondering what could possibly go into the diet of a vegan, how a vegan could get all of their vital nutrients and how vegans could still eat tasty food. We’re here to bring you that tea!


Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Joaquin Phoenix are just three A List celebrities who are delving into the world of veganism. So what is it?


Veganism is, in fact, a lifestyle choice and is not a diet at all. It is the choice to refrain from all forms of animal exploitation including- but not limited to- food, clothing, experimentation, entertainment and companion animals. This is why it was so controversial when Beyonce was seen wearing cow hide and fur in a vegan restaurant just last year.


Team Curtains Cow


You may be wondering what on earth vegans could possibly eat when you consider that they do not consume meat, fish, dairy, eggs or honey. The simple answer is that they eat exactly the same things you do!


Team Curtains Vegan Meals


Vegans can eat plant based cakes, cookies, ice cream, cheese, eggs, fish and even steak! So don’t feel bad for Beyonce, she’s not really sacrificed anything at all. She’s simply thought about the state of her health, the environment and of course, the animals.


Team Curtains Kale


For more information about how to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle, check out one of the links below:

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The question is, do you think Beyonce will stick to it?



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