It’s been a little over 1 year since R&B Divas: Atlanta was cancelled and one of the show’s former cast mates is back with a vengeance and ready to slay the music game with a soulful melody and a meaningful message.


Meelah, of the iconic 90’s girl group 702, has released a music video for her newest track ‘Stupid In Love’. The song/video tells a story of being in a toxic relationship and gaining strength to leave, making a strong statement against emotional abuse. However, after putting a good portion of her personal life on display on season 3 of R&B Divas, this new visual has everyone wondering if Meelah may be singing about fellow music maven, former flame, and father of her child Musiq Soulchild.


What do you think? Check out the video after the jump!



Okay girl, we see you! Let’s be honest, Meelah comes from an era of true R&B music (and talent), something that the music industry doesn’t really recognize or support nowadays. So for her to produce a video with such refinement and high quality is not only impressive but is a true testament of how great of an artist she really is.


This music video has the perfect balance of elegance and edge. Between the black & white color scheme, the abstract cut aways, the rapid effects, and THAT VOICE, we were not disappointed!  Very reminiscent of Beyonce’s ‘If I Were A Boy’, mixed with a dash of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pills ‘n Potions’, and a sprinkle of Karen White’s ‘I’d Rather Be Alone’.


We have to admit we were a little curious to see how she’d fare after being away from music for so long but the 702 front woman has gotten it together and shown us that she still has her steelo.  Don’t call it a comeback, she is simply resilient and ready to take back her spot! Welcome back Meelah we NEEDED you!



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Written by Mack

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