Since the news broke that Whitney Houston and Bobby Browns’ daughter was found face down in a bathtub unconscious, Bobbi Kristina’s situation doesn’t seem promising.


This came as a shock to everybody, we are sure, considering that Bobbi Kristina‘s Mother had passed away in the same situation. Just weeks after the airing of Lifetime’s Whitney Houston biopic which was enjoyed by many.


Bobbi Kristina’s behavior was widely covered and monitored after the passing of her Mother but of recent Bobbi had managed to keep out of the media. It had been reported that she had reconciled with her Father Bobby for Father’s Day last year, we could only have hoped that things were looking up for her.


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It has been said that Tyler Perry arrived at the hospital with the R&B singer after lending Brown his private jet to see his arrival at the hospital quicker.


It was last reported that 21-year old Bobbi Kristina has very little brain activity after the incident. Bobby Brown, being by her side released the following statement;


“Privacy is requested in this matter,” he said. “Please allow for my family to deal with this matter and give my daughter the love and support she needs at this time.” A lawyer for Bobby added, “The report that Bobbi Kristina Brown has been taken to the hospital in Atlanta, Georgia is accurate. No additional information will be forthcoming.”



According to news reports, these are the details known so far,


Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious by husband Nick Gordon faced down in bathtub, although the details are not yet known on how Bobbi Kristina fell unconscious.


The paramedics had taken over CPR, she was revived, taken to hospital and placed in a medically induced coma with minimal brain activity. She is in critical condition in the North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, Georgia.


This most recent update on Bobbi Kristina’s condition. It seems there is a slight improvement after a small response in a brain’s reaction test, which according to TMZ is enough to delay discussions of turning off her life support.



The family released a further statement on Monday afternoon;


“Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life and is surrounded by immediate family. As her father already stated, we are asking you to honor our request for privacy during this difficult time.”


We can only try to imagine what the Brown and Houston family are going through right now, and our best sympathise go to them; many questioned how Bobbi was coping with the passing of her Mother and her overall life decisions.


This very sad situation can be felt by fans and non-fans of her parents as, on a human level, it is really hard for anyone to lose a mother, especially at a young impressionable age.


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Our prayers go out to the Houston and Brown family, we continue to pray for Bobbi Kristina hoping she will pull through and fully recover.




What are your thoughts?


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