And so it continues!


This time, in the case of who owns the Ferrari in the Kyga and Chyna-Rose chronicles. The on-off-again shade throwing of the love/ hate square that consists of rapper Tyga, his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, his ex-girlfriend and baby’s mother Blac Chyna and her friend Amber Rose.


The once simmered beef was again reignited after news broke of the Ferrari which was generously gifted to the now 18-year-old Kylie, from her 25-year-old boyfriend was actually leased, instead of fully purchased. Adding a little extra sting, it was apparently leased in her name.


Perfectly timed? Blac Chyna took to Instagram to show off her brand new Audi R8 around the time Ferrari leasing news started circulating. Of course, in true internet speed and Insta-messy fashion, this did not take long for the fans to add their cents worth, and can you blame them, the timing was all too perfect not to. Here’s how the rest of this played out…


T-Raww caught wind of the high/low-key shade and took to his Instagram to vent in the form of a ‘subtle’ hashtag:


When the hating don’t work they start telling lies. #WhereYoFerarriTho ?

A photo posted by Tyga / T-Raww (@kinggoldchains) on


Mmmm Oh My God…Blac Chyna responded with the internet video of the moment along with a ‘Receipts’ hashtag:



A video posted by (@blacchyna) on



Then followed by Chyna’s own personal cheerleader and ‘BFF’  Amber Rose who has her back, responded with a post of her own Ferrari and corn emoji’s:


  She don’t need a Ferrari she can Drive mine #BFFGoals 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽   A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on


Tyga didn’t take this lightly as he then posted his Rolls Royce and called Amber a peanut head:        


  We drive our own whips peanut head #GoldPhantoms #LastKings   A photo posted by Tyga / T-Raww (@kinggoldchains) on


We will not deny the humor we got from Tyga calling Amber a peanut head, and this was not just down to the fact that his head is all so peanut shaped without a hat.   This situation is so drawn out it seems like neither Chyna or Tyga are actually moving on and just co-parenting, well it’s that or people will not allow them to move on. Although that may not be the case maybe the rapper and his child’s mother should just forget the nonsense and get back together, because this is really not the actions of people who no longer care for one another.


WELL…this could have been thought until the urban model took to Instagram to possibly give Kylie a warning to get a pre-nup in the famous line from Drake‘s Meek Mill nuclear diss track ‘Back To Back’?


💙 A video posted by (@blacchyna) on


That said, in taking the final post into consideration we hope Chyna can find love elsewhere with someone who will bring her happiness and take her away from this drama… we are routing for you!


Are the two really over each other? Is Tyga really with reality star Kylie for the money? Should Amber Rose focus on her own affairs? If Kylie Jenner was not Kardashian related would Amber and Chyna be BFF’s? Don’t get us wrong, we like Amber, but after all she has made it no secret of her hate for the Kardashian clan, after Kanye was slipping it to Kim on the low whilst he was still dating Amber.



Your Thoughts?




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