It’s a couple months on since we all learned the news that Tamar Braxton was fired from The Real daytime talk show and the shortlist of Tamar’s possible replacement has been released.


It has been reported that Mel B, Ashanti, Eve and Monica are all in the running for the ‘Love and War’ singer’s spot at the round table.

It can’t go unnoticed that these women all happen to be in the music industry, or some of them were at least.


The ladies who are all famous in their own right, and they will all undoubtedly bring something to the table, but whoever is chosen might have a job on their hands. We all know that the youngest Braxton sister has a huge personality, and fans of the show were definitely sad to see her go, so whoever is to be her replacement will have some big shoes to fill. No pressure ladies…none at all!


But will the Producers of the show fill the spot with someone with a similar character to balance  it out, or a more…lets say tamed persona. Who do you think will be the perfect choice for the position?


One things for sure, who knew daytime television would be ensued with such drama behind the scenes, from rumours of the ladies on The View not getting along, to Live with Kelly host, Kelly Ripa clearly feeling some type of way following her former co-hosts Micheal Strahan‘s live departure announcement.

Who needs scripted reality television, just get the camera’s rolling back stage of these shows.



 Your Thoughts?



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