Bet you’re thinking, what’s that!


So were we, no one is completely sure how this International R. Kelly Day was originated, but apparently is a big thing and there’s no escaping for the slightly random festivity that is celebrated on 14th March.


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The event was pioneered by the city of Copenhagen appearing to cause much controversy at first… Well, aside from his catchy tunes the pied piper of R&B is also known for his high-profile sexual assault case. In addition to that, it’s been insisted that the day is to celebrate the music and not the man but still not everyone is into this event.


Despite this, many countries all over the world are embracing this R. Kelly Day, adding London to the list just last year.


The story goes that in March 2010 fights were breaking out in R. Kelly‘s home city, Chicago when supposed haters were caught dancing to his music tunes. The retaliation came in the form of gigantic block parties which would play R. Kelly’s songs all night long. Word spread, and eventually it became a global phenomenon.


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As a direct result of this, every March hosts International R. Kelly Day in which his music is remembered and played whilst people gather, drink and celebrate him! Have you been celebrating this?



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So, where’s International Beyoncé Day?

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