Grammy award winner Beyonce announced at the NBA finals that she would be making a big announcement the next day on TV show Good Morning America. Unfortunately the “Big announcement” turned out to be “she’s going Vegan and wants you to become one too”.


The big announcement was not the news her Beyhive fans were waiting for. Many of them criticised Beyonce as they were expecting something bigger such as another solo track or Destiny’s Child reuniting! The Beyhive took to social media and conveyed their dismay at the announcement by stinging Beyonce’s pages with emoji’s of meat, hamburgers and fruit.


Back to the diet; Queen Bey spoke about maintaining a healthy diet by becoming Vegan and how it improved her look and health.

Beyonce said:

“I felt like my skin was really firm, a lot tighter than when I deprived myself of food, and the weight stayed off”


She later went on to reveal that she has been working with celebrity trainer Marco Borges whom developed the 22-Day Revolution diet. Beyonce’s news was boring, however ‘Flawless’ the 33-year old mama may be!
I mean… We reported this story months ago: HERE


Watch Beyonce’s reveals on her beauty secrets and Vegan lifestyle, below:




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