Everybody loves a sassy stage performer! Tonight saw 28-year old secondary school teacher Tonatha Raihan take on the challenge to audition and showcase her diva moves in front of Simon Cowell & the rest of the judges, on this evening’s X Factor.


Raihan from Kent danced along the stage whilst belting out a passionate rendition of Beyonce’s hit ‘Work It Out’ from the Austin Powers movie soundtrack. The judges loved her stage presence with Simon Cowell saying: “Seriously, you must be the coolest school teacher in the world. I really like you”.


tonatha x factor


Keeping her audition tight-lipped, Tonatha revealed she had not told her work colleagues prior to the audition. The judges asked on if she has a strict teaching style and Tonatha responded to explain that she will have fun with her pupils, but when it’s time to work, you better put it in!


We live tweet alongside on X Factor weekly… let’s hope she brings heat to Boot Camp. Tweet with us, on Saturday at 8pm during The X Factor on ITV. Watch Tonatha’s audition, below:




Tonatha looks like she will bring a lot of character to the show this season. Let’s hope her fun/ vibrant energy carries her through to the competitions live shows! So far making it to bootcamp, Tonatha did a short XFactorbility‬ test, with Luke Franks. Watch below:




What do you think her kids will say at school?






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