Eeek! Do you remember last year when Superhead (Karrine Steffans) said Lil’ Wayne‘s career is a rap?! Well one things for sure, over in Milan – they ain’t rockin’ him!


The ‘A Milli’ rapper took to the stage in Italy, but it wasn’t long before Wayne’s ego was burnt from the lack of acknowledgement from the crowd – resulting in turned up rock star rapper to walking off stage, but not before throwing his microphone.



According to TMZ, Wayne’s overseas for Milan Fashion Week and was performing during the Philipp Plein show, you can tell from the video… the crowd just wasn’t feeling’ it. At one point, the rapper tells everyone to put their hands up – and with the exception of about a handful – no one listened.



It’s unclear if there was some type of language barrier or if the folks in attendance just weren’t Weezy fans but one thing was for sure… the rap ex of Christina Milian was PISSED, throwing his mic and walking off.


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A frustrated Wayne vented his thoughts on the incident Tweeting “Go Pack f’n Go!!!!!” We guess he left the city immediately… Doubt he will be missed!



Well damn… Was it a language barrier or is Wayne just not as hot anymore?




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